off-grid power specialists 

If you need power in a remote location, we can help. With more than 20 years experinece in Motorhomes & CaravansBoats, Yachts and Ships we supply a wide range of Power Electronics such as Solar Inverters, Battery Chargers, Inverters/Chargers Combis , Solar Panels and Special Batteries. Our team is here to guide you through the process of getting your Off-Grid system designed.

Marine Electronics Projects and supplies

We offer a wide range marine electronics, for yachting and the professsional marine industry. In adition to offering advice, projects, sales and suport, we have expertise in all types of marine electronic equipment. 

always supporting you 

Based on the positive, inspired and dedicated approach of our staff we provide you with yachting and ship solutions you are looking for. Resulting in efficient projects for maximum vessel utilisation. For your pleasure or operating in a complex and highly competitive business, we make sure you will have access to all relevant knowledge, support and service.

You get smarter when you work with Osprey Exports. 


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